Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interested in ordering Resveratrol?
Orders of 60 (previously 50) gram units for the bulk price of $75/unit, available in powder form only: click "Add to Cart" button below.
(Your order will be 98-99% Trans-Resveratrol and may be extracted from various plant or herbal sources. All extracts are lab analyzed for purity.)
Starting 2011, all suppliers will be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified in accordance with the law.

Due to a drop in wholesale costs, we are adding 20% more product to your order for the same price. So, you now get 60 grams for $75.00!
A customer recently contacted me and said they had received an ad for bottled capsules with 5 mg resveratrol in each one. The total cost for 60 grams came to $800 (!)
My mother always taught me to never buy retail - this is why.
So, for those of you who want to make your own capsules, please visit www.CapsuleConnection.com

**Please note: We are now known as "Diffusion Technologies Inc. of Illinois"


There is a lot of debate on how much resveratrol to take. The original recommendations from the Harvard researcher David Sinclair were 500mg (just shy of 1/3 tsp) for every 50lbs of body weight which is a hefty amount. On my scale one teaspoon read out at approx 1600mg. and 1/4 tsp read out at 400mg. Others on the net have recommended doses that range from approx 350mg to 500mg daily. I suggest starting with 1/4 teaspoon. It does not dissolve well in water based liquids but does in alcohol or oil based liquids that range from liquor to olive oil followed by a juice chaser. I fold it into yogurt which works well. This purity resveratrol is virtually tasteless (slightly bitter) if you want to just put it on your tongue and wash it down with water or juice. Remember that a measured 1/4 teaspoon is approx 400mg. I have heard that Sinclair now takes 350mg a day so a quarter tsp should cover it. Morning is best since some report that it keeps them awake. Quercetin taken with it in equal doses may increase bioavailabity. Resveratrol chelates copper so I take small doses of copper (very inexpensive) 2-3 of times a week at a different time of day. You might want to scan the internet to read what others say.

Ingestion of large amounts of resveratrol may increase blood levels of drugs that might include statins, calcium channel blockers, certain immunosuppressant drugs (e.g. cyclosporine), and drugs for erectile dysfunction (e.g. sildenafil). Caution is advised if used concurrently with anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs such as Clopidogrel (Plavix). Please check with your physician if you are concerned about other possible side effects.

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